Play as a child with a polaroid for a head. Together you will reveal her past, struggle to let go and, hopefully, move on. It's time to start developing...

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2022 - Netherlands bracket - under the theme DUALITY, in 48 hours.


  • Start the game - ENTER
  • Sideways movement - A & D (or the side arrows)
  • Jump - SPACE
  • Climb - W
  • Restart level - R

This game is a platformer that has efficient platforming in mind. Learn your ways through each level and try to speedrun it in the end!


We are part of a college game dev group - Game Dev Técnico. You can find us at, facebook and twitter!


Download 58 MB


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Cool game




Really Nice Game. Loved the Art, the one pined to the board were great, the piece of paper in the end(credits) was simply awesome ;), and the 3d models were amazing. The ambient and flow was really enjoying too. The relaxing music was simply on point.

However, I found the movement in the platforming bits really clunky and slippery.

But apart from that, great job and keep up the good work ;D

Thank you very much!